Get in the Ghostly Game!

These tales are chilling but stocked with courageous heroes and heroines who overcome their fears and prevail in times of danger. Let me build you a program from such stories as . . .

Mr. Fox and Lady Mary

“Be bold, be bold, but not too bold lest thy heart’s blood run cold,” the signs warn. Lady Mary is bold. You can get that way when you grow up in a house with seven brothers. Will she be too bold?

Pretty Maid Ibronka ~

Ibronka was the prettiest girl in the village, and yet she had no sweetheart. One day this Hungarian maiden makes a dangerous wish: “If only I had a sweetheart, even if the devil he be.”

The Wounded Selkie ~ 

A bitter fisherman first curses the seals, but an underwater encounter lets him know there is more to these creatures than meets the eye. (Celtic traditional)

Tam Lin and Janet  ~

Janet finds there is great strength and resourcefulness within her, but, “in the mirk hour of midnight,” she must hold onto it in order to gain that which is good and true. (Scottish Ballad)

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Some of these stories are also on my CD.

Some of these stories are also on my CD.

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