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F is for Fairy Tale

Another Kay Nielsen: Hansel and Gretel

Another Kay Nielsen: Hansel and Gretel

A fairy tale is a tale of grace: an unexpected blessing. In fairy tales, something magical intervenes to transform an individual’s social/emotional state as when a broken home is healed (Hansel and Gretel), a marriage created (Marya Morevna), a lost relationship recovered (Rapunzel and her prince), or a vocation empowered (The Shoemaker and the Elves). By hearing of others overcoming obstacles to reach a state of joy, our own spirits are lifted vicariously. “Once upon a time” opens the door for the tale to be our own, and when “happily ever after” befalls the protagonists, it also falls upon us.

Find meaningful fairy tales for each stage of life in these volumes:

Andersen, Hans Christian and Maria Tatar, The Annotated Hans Christian Andersen. W. W. Norton & Company, 2007.

Chinen, Allen B., In the Ever After Fairy Tales and the Second Half of Life. Chiron Publications, 1989.

Pearson, Carol S., The Hero Within. HarperOne, 2013.


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