Let me “pitch” some of these heroes to your ‘tweens, who are wise and experienced enough to “catch” some of the more subtle twists and turns of these more mature tales.

Sheharazade/Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves ~nightscd

I introduce this most beloved tale from The Arabian Nights with Scheherazade’s own heroic tale of saving her sisters from the wicked Shah, so we meet both a clever, classic hero and a brave, beloved heroine. (45 minutes.)

. . . OR . . .

An Assortment of Folk and Fairy Tale heroes and heroines ~

Some of my favorites for this age group are Jack, who always wins the treasure or the princess (or both), Vasilisa, who follows guidance from the doll her mother gave her to save herself from Baba Yaga, an unlikely Mexican Texan character who chooses a gift of advice over treasure and follows it to attain his goal, the animal friends in the Limba tale of Kanu Above and Kanu Below who overcome the prejudices of the villagers, and The Peddler of Swaffham, who follows his dream–literally! Requests are welcome, or I’ll decide when I see the group’s age and assortment. (flexible time frame.)

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