Ready, set, go for some great world folktales about adventurous and clever heroes and heroines. For your mostly-elementary-aged patrons, I will draw from stories such as…

The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship~

The youngest child in the family (or any child who feels slighted) can always identify with the third son, the hero of this Russian fairy tale. We’ll all sing and learn a Russian folk song as we join the Fool of the World and his unusual companions on their journey to the palace of the Tsar. And we’ll find out if he’s really a “fool,” after all!

I’m Tipingee, She’s Tipingee, We’re Tipingee, too!

A bold Haitian girl enlists her friends to outwit a bully. Her clever solution saves herself, models smart behavior for all of us, and reminds us that we are not alone.

The Monkey and the Crocodile

In this classic tale from the Panchatantra, India’s great collection of tales, a brave monkey keeps his wits about him even in his time of great danger. (I’ll bring my finger cymbals with me.)

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Illustration by H. J. Ford in Andrew Lang's Yellow Fairy Book, 1894.

Illustration by H. J. Ford in Andrew Lang’s Yellow Fairy Book, 1894.

Angie, age 8, from Austin said, “That’s the best story I ever heard in my life!”
Dylan, age 10, from Orange Grove  said, “Your story was so good it made me see a movie!”