Gustave Tenngren, 1896-1970

Tenggrem 1 Grimm

What Women Want Most

Swedish-American Tenggren did his most compelling work as a young man, illustrating Grimm, D’Aulnoy, Andrew Lang, and others in a style influenced by Arthur Rackham. At Walt Disney studios in the late 1930s, he drafted the images for Snow White and Pinocchio which others then animated for film. Later, illustrating Golden Books such as Thumbelina, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Black Sambo, The Little Red Caboose, and The Pokey Little Puppy, his style became softer and more colorful. Having made his name, he created collections such as The Tenggren Tell-It-Again Book, Arabian Nights, and The Canterbury Tales.

L-R: “Little Red Cap,” Concept Drawing for Disney’s Snow White, “The Pied Piper” from The Tenngren Tell-It-Again Book.

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