Maxfield Parrish, 1870-1966

Parrish fishernan&Genie.jpg

“The Fisherman and the Genie” from The Arabian Nights, 1909.

Artist Maxfield Parrish stands alone. His landscapes are technically and photographically perfect. His oils are laid on in their maximum color saturation and layered with luminous glazes. Furthermore, he quickly mastered the new color-separation process so that the brilliance of his originals could be maintained in print. By 1920, admirers of his Colliers, Scribners, Century, Life and other magazine covers flocked to purchase his prints and calendars.

Parrish illustrated an edition of Arabian Nights in 1909, but most of his fairy tale paintings were commercial products: Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella were magazine covers; Jack and the Beanstalk sold Ferry’s Seeds.

Maxfield Parrish’ Cinderella, Harper’s Bazaar, March 1914; Sleeping Beauty, Hearst Magazine, November 1912; Jack selling seeds in 1923.

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