Hi! I’m joining the A to Z Blogging Challenge. 1513848_10203484217488510_161894052_n

I’ll write a short blog post each day in April on my theme: Stories! I’ll be sharing observations and anecdotes about the traditional tales found in the 398.2 section of your library – Folktales, Fairy Tales, Legends, Myths and Fables – as well as their protagonists and villains, collectors, illustrators, and scholars. Starting with Ali Baba on April 1, I’ll work my way through the alphabet and the month; with Sundays off, that’s 26 days. And since I’m a tad compulsive, I promise you exactly 100 words a day (plus a 3-book bibliography for those who want more.)

Note: That was 100 words.

About mary grace ketner

My lawyer tells me I should not put the words "Fairy Tale Lobbyist" on my business cards but rather "Representative" and "National Fairy Tale Association." But I'm not, and there isn't one. Even so, I don't think I'm going it alone.

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